Monday, 20 June 2011

FD - 20th June 2011 - Movement

It's not often I focus on my own designs on the blog, but, these are some images shot by Matt Ford of my final piece for my most recent textiles unit...

The collection is inspired by movement. I have taken the traditional craft of macramé and given it a modern twist by developing my own, original method using a thick metallic lacing cord as opposed to a thinner thread more commonly used for macramé. The macramé compliments the light flowing pieces in the collection, yet also contrasts. The wearer causes the movement of the somewhat constricting macramé, while the fluid fabric moves readily. The style of macramé I came up with enables the garment to stretch both horizontally and vertically, thus moving freely and changing shape to fit to the wearer. While the light flowing materials used alongside constantly represent movement.

The above piece from the collection I chose to manufacture includes a hand knotted, sleeveless, high necked macramé top with loose cords, a full circle skirt in light polyester fabric with covered buttons and a flesh tone leotard. The skirt is high waisted and floor length with extra fabric, to create as much natural movement as possible and has been roll hemmed by hand to give a finish that isn’t blunt, instead, soft and as though it could carry on. The excess macramé cord hangs loose over the skirt to create a texture in the 3D space and add a different level of movement.

As this project progressed and new season collections were launched, there were a number of macramé items, both dresses and tops seen in designer collections. Thorough research now leads me to believe that these pieces would be sold together, as couture.

Friday, 10 June 2011

A Load of Cobblers!

You may well have seen my post a couple of months ago about Nook and Willow, who are now featured on Young British Designers...

Well Liverpool's own have been at it again and have now begun hosting Sandal Making Workshops from their studio on Seel Street (voted 4th hippest street in the UK may I add!).

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has found themselves virtually redesigning shoes on the high street, “I’d like a bow here... I want the straps this colour.” Well now you can! Running for an afternoon, during a session, you will figure how to mould materials of your own choice over a traditional shoe maker’s last, then learn how to embellish your footwear – be it fringed tassels, bows and more! And with the promise of fabulous home made cake included, what's not to love?!

Each workshop holds up to five people, so you can come along and meet new people or book as a group, with friends or family.

The workshops are due to start towards the end of the month, costing £80. However, if you cannot wait and would like to book an early bird voucher (valid up to three months) you pay just £60.

To enquire further about the workshop, contact creative directors, Clare Wilson and Nina Halliwell (details below).

Nook & Willow.
Studio 7a, 36 Seel Street, Liverpool L1 4BE
Tel: 0151 708 5576


Twitter: @nookandwillow

Monday, 6 June 2011

FD - 6th June 2011 - Kate's dress on show!

Today it was announced that The Duchess of Cambridge's famous Alexander McQueen wedding gown will be going on show as part of Buckingham Palace's annual opening this summer.

Excited? Me!

Tickets are priced at £17.50, perhaps a hefty sum, but undoubtedly worth it to see the beauty and workmanship of that dress in the flesh.

Form an orderly queue!