Friday, 24 September 2010

Lanvin For H&M competition

You all know I LOVE Lanvin, and you all know that I am a walking advert for H&M.

This of course means I am particularly excited about the forthcoming Lanvin and H&M collaboration.

To tempt us, H&M are going to release a worldwide trailer, and have launched a competition to find one lucky person's blog to put it on.

 And I'd like it to be mine! So I am asking you (and ANYONE else you can persuade to - it only takes seconds!)  to please vote for me by literally clicking on the button at the top of my blog!!

Plus I also believe you can share it on Facebook, and you can vote as many times as you like!

Thank you lovely readers!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

London Fashion Week

The big black box you always see on pictures
I am slow... very slow! I think to be honest it has taken me this long to come down from the crazy experience that was my visit to LFW on Monday, so apologies for the lateness in this report! It was nothing like I expected, not in  a bad way, but was so unbelievably exciting! Then there was the people, the well dressed people. I was going to so another of my "spotted" things for this, but frankly I couldnt choose who was the best dressed because everyone, and I mean everyone, looked completely fabulous.  I saw girls with rhinstone eyebrows, and glamourous old ladies lost track of the number of people wearing camel.

I meanwhile didn't wear camel, but my new best, but impractical, friend, the poncho, and the ever faithful pussy bow blouse had an outing as you can see from the picture. (Excuse the cheesy grin - I was a tad excited!)

With all there is to see, a lot of it was a blur, but some things really stuck out, and I think I might have a new obsession, Bebaroque tights. I'd heard of them, I'd seen them in shoots, but never in real life... And wow, they are beautiful. The softest, sheerest tights in the most delicate nude, with beads, gems and sequins sewn onto patterned panels. Gorgeous.

The detail on the tights
I also spotted a couple of names that I hadn't seen before, and some fabulous collections for SS/11. These I will  do proper articles on and pop on here in the next week I promise.

I'm now on  a mission to get to be a "somebody" so I can go next year!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Let's lay the meat to rest.

I've noticed with all the fuss about Lady Gaga's "meat dress" for the VMA's, no one seems to have noticed quite how good she looks in her first outfit, a dress by her friend, the late Alexander McQueen.

With a typically dramatic gold feathered headdress scraping high above her head, Lady G stepped out in a pair of snakeskin armadillo shoes, (having had plenty of practice walking in them for her Bad Romance vid) and the flowing printed chiffon number, and I think, looked completely fabulous.

While still being suitably outrageous, her look is a chic foray into the world of classy dressing. Now that's probably a boring place to be for such a lady, one who wears lobsters on her head and dresses made out of origami.

But I think she looks amazing, so come on, lets shut up about the meat, (on the grounds it will be in the bin anyway now I hope...) and focus on this, as it may just be Gaga's best look to date.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Glamping... The aftermath

As promised, I have a picture of me "glamping", which will come as no suprise to anyone who's already seen the delights The Mother tagged me in on Facebook...

Yes, I am wearing my wellies not my fabulous boots, but give me my due, I was in the sea at the time! And I did wear my boots, when we arrived to the village where we were stopping for lunch. No one told me a walk up to the top of a waterfall was included in lunch...

I walked up the big hill perfectly well and the six inch heels only made for a better view at the summit.


Friday, 10 September 2010

FD - 10th September 2010

I think.. I'm in love.

Suede Boots H&M £59.99

Wear with camel pants/jeans/trench/cape. You've got the picture... And so have Elle, they were featured in October's pick of the highstreet supplement.

I would love a pair of these very much...

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Summer Fashion Trends Review

As sumptuous camel tones, chunky knits and luxurious fabrics dominate the catwalks and start to infiltrate the high street; it’s easy to forget the trends we embraced for the summer months. Why dwell on the past season you may cry; why not, I say! We loved the styles which carried us through to autumn, so lets take a while to reflect on some of them; celebrate the successes (and pray they return next year) and laugh at the disasters, while praying they don’t!

Firstly there’s denim which popped up embellished, bleached and in the ubiquitous “jegging”… Oh and we can’t leave out the controversial foray back into the 70’s world of double denim, a move that left the fashion pack completely divided. While some praised the bravery and confidence of wearers, others saw it as a fashion car crash. Then there’s bleached denim, which, for me, proved a summer staple mainly in shorts and shirts. Embellished metallic jeans seemed like an interesting concept but in reality only took off on the Balmain catwalk, however an inch or two of roll up at the bottom of your jeans was definitely the most foolproof and fabulous way to update your look. Lastly, pretending to be denim - jeggings… I’ll leave you to remember them how you will!

Without a doubt, the biggest success story of summer trends was the pastel colour palette with fashionistas up and down the country stylishly modelling themselves on ice cream sundaes and bags of pick and mix. With shades that flattered everyone, this was one trend that was unavoidable no matter how hard you tried. And even if you weren’t convinced by the clothes, candy coloured nail polish was an easy and chic way to tap into the trend.

Hemlines seriously dropped for the season as everything went maxi. The old favourite floaty maxi dress reappeared, but as did a new species that is the skin-tight, floor sweeping jersey sheath, in both dress and skirt forms. While some people just hated them, I mean, they were difficult to walk in, they did hide a killer tan, and were possibly the most unforgiving styles on the market, overall they proved to be a surprising hit in eye-catching stripes and patterns as well as easy to wear black, grey and khaki tones. I loved my dresses paired with a twisted and knotted belt.

Finally for shoes, we had clogs. They were an interesting one. After Chanel sent its brave takes down the runway, everyone was talking about the return of the clog. Then Alexa Chung appears on the cover of Vogue sporting said Chanel pair and the hysteria only builds. With advice popping up left, right and centre as to how to wear them and clogs being dubbed as “the only shoe to wear this season” it seemed like they were going to become just that. Though I think looking back now, they were actually more of a minority trend than was intended. Creeping up from behind, from the Sport Luxe trend, were shoe boots with missing heels and peep toes, which overshadowed the remodelled clogs. And though I did hear them branded stupid and pointless, they completely took off and were the easy footwear of choice for summer in flat, wedge and heel styles! I loved my perforated lace up wedge boots and will be wearing them right into autumn teamed with my classic trench coat. That said I loved my clogs too, they were far comfier than they looked, but they still didn’t get worn as much as my boots…

Thursday, 2 September 2010

FD - 9th September 2010 - Glamping

Okay, the new way to do camping is "Glam-ping", so I've heard. Glamourous... and... Camping. Probably not two words you'd expect to be merged together, but hey ho, sounds perfect for me! I am in fact going camping at the weekend, and I'm hoping to be able to say I'm glamming it - I'm definitely not roughing it. Of course with camping comes the issue of a capsule wardrobe suitable for life outdoors, literally in a cold, muddy field. But, looking at the A/W catwalks this year, it seems the designers are doing us a favour, and helping us out with said capsule wardrobe, or at least giving me some inspiration, sadly I can't afford any Burberry shearling.

Thus, I set about looking for my "Glamping" wardrobe on the high street. First obstacle to overcome was footwear. The mother says walking boots, I say heels. Compromised and settled on patent black wellies to accompany black chunky heeled walking style boots with shearling trim. I fell in love with one pair (left - Next £65), and tried them on. Sadly no amount of persuasion was going to make said boots comfortable, so the search went on. Ended up with a pair half the price, but they were just a bit too shiny and looked too new. Problem solved after spending half an hour with a nail file, buffing them down a bit. Call me mad if you like but they look so much better for it.

Clothes wise, apparently it will be cold (though the weather forecast is sunny...) so I have to wrap up. Layers! Functional skinny jeans, pretty tops and dresses, a huge chunky woolie cardie and the old faithful trench coat are all on my packing list. Outfits are planned to work with both the wellies or the boots and everyone's happy. Note to self.. pack dress in case its super hot...

So this post will lead into another, the summary of the camping diaries, complete with pictures of my outfits...Then, we can decide whether I successfully pulled off "Glamping"!