Tuesday, 8 May 2012

FD - Tuesday 8th May: The Orange Saga continues...

After the reaction I've had to the 'orange' post, I've decided to continue the saga some more...

A few people have asked me for pictures of 'the' outfit, and aside from a very informal one taken in the mirror on my phone (sent to friend to check I looked presentable before I left the house), I don't actually have any.

So, to give you a vague idea of what the look was like I've ventured back to Polyvore and created a set with some items which aren't mine, but have the same feel. This one is a designer one - I'm working on a high street version so look out for that in the next couple of days...

Designer Orange

Etro silk blouse

Vionnet snap pants

Yves Saint Laurent clutch bag

Oscar de la Renta gold necklace

MAC Cosmetics Morange Lipstick

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Shoes

Sunday, 6 May 2012

FD - Sunday 6th May: Fashion Risks

I've spent all day today looking down at my feet, wondering, as I have all week, whether I look 'really high fashion' or 'complete fashion disaster'. This is because this week, I've taken a few fashion risks...

Many will know that generally my clothes/shoes are black/high and my makeup subtle - but oh no, not this week. This week I went positively wild...

It all started last Saturday when I fancied livening up my work outfit. I'd bought these shoes, that yes I'm wearing today, a couple of years ago for a wedding and hadn't worn them since, because while I like them, I find them somewhat complicated to wear. To describe them they sound awful - pointy, snakeskin and with a not particularly high, pink metallic heel, but honestly they're better in the flesh. The thing that scares me however is that they're very pale in colour, almost ecru - I refuse to say white, and nude is about as pale as I'll go normally. Don't get me wrong though, they're definitely not kittens - that would be fashion suicide let alone a fashion disaster - and they are Kurt Geiger. But I've seen a lot of mid-height heels around lately and think they look instantly French and very chic with skinny pants or jeans with a turn up, as I've done today. Somehow though, for the reasons described above, they still scare me.

The second risk then came about that same night while I was watching The Voice. I have an occasional penchant for orange clothes and suddenly decided I needed Jessie J's orange lippy. Having tracked down her make up artist on Twitter and found the name of it, found myself in MAC on Sunday morning asking for 'Jessie J's lippy please' - Morange F.Y.I.  

As a result I've found myself walking round with a bright orange pout all week. Some people have remarked it looks red, others coral; a lot just stare then say "Is that lipstick orange?".

The final, and possibly most major risk came on Thursday night, when I had two very contrasting events to attend, the launch of Amanda Harrington and Debbie and Gill O'Toole's 'Scouse Boutique' and Matt Ford and Dot Art's 'Art Show'. The mere putting together of both events in one sentence presented me with possibly the biggest fashion conundrum I've ever had to deal with. I gathered Scouse Boutique would be scouse and over the top, while The Art Show would be well, arty and cool. There was no way I could dress to please both... Or was there?

Cue the arrival of the orange trousers.

As if wandering round with orange lips all week wasn't enough, I decided to try out orange legs - with no fake tan involved may I add. By orange trousers, I mean properly tailored, high waisted, fairly wide legged pants with 4 little gold buttons up the side in a bright, bright orange. Not terracotta, not tangerine; orange, in the most literal sense of the word. I bought them in Zara almost a year ago and can honestly say I'd never found an occasion quite right for them, but Thursday seemed like just the day to debut them: loud enough for Scouse Boutique, original enough for The Art Show. I paired them with a vintage black and orange printed blouse, black heels and bag, and a huge gold necklace, not forgetting a slick of Morange of course.

Wearing them I felt conspicuous, they certainly weren't suitable attire for voting, but somehow I felt a bit empowered - almost like I must have looked brave to have worn them, even though I spent all night thinking "oh my goodness I'm walking round in bright orange trousers".

So what can I conclude from this week? I do love orange, both in lipstick and trouser form. And the shoes? I do like them too, but it might take me a few more wears yet before I feel completely happy in them.

As for 'really high fashion' vs. 'complete fashion disaster', I would like to think I had enough self respect and fashion nous to not resemble the latter but I shan't put my neck on the line just yet...

P.S. If anyone has seen me in any of the three risky examples, please let me know your thoughts...