Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Fashion Capital: Inside Industry - Benna.co.uk

This week I popped in to Kirsty Doyle's shop in Liverpool 1 to go and interview Benna Harry of benna.co.uk about setting up her business and running it day to day...

You can read the full article as this weeks article on Fashion Capital!


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

FD - 15th May 2010 - The SamCam Saga begins...

With the election has coming to a conclusion, the decision has too been made as to who will represent the party wives in the style stakes! Samantha Cameron, as I've thought the whole way through the campaign, is definitely the winner in this particular race.

SamCam has reigned supreme above all the other party wives throughout the election campaign for her mix of designer and high street pieces and her elegant simplicity. I particularly love the knee length purple number she wore last Tuesday to enter 10 Downing Street when her husband David became Prime Minister, which she paired with classic dove grey suede stiletto pumps. The outfit has just the right amount of First Lady subtlety, while still perfectly showing off her creative flair.
Then there's her laid back daytime look, such as this stunning blazer and navy cropped chinos combo. These Zara trousers showcase her love for the high street as well as her penchant for designer items, and give a smart casual look suitable for both her day job as Creative Consultant, at luxury stationery brand Smythson, and in her new role as First Lady.

Finally is that well publicised £65 Marks and Spencer dress, which had its debut outing at the Tory Party Conference, which has sparked every kind of debate possible. The patterned frock looks sophisticated yet demure, paired with her favourite grey heels and skinny patent belt.

I, personally can't wait to see what delights we're going to see our new First Lady working on the new catwalk that is Downing Street... Watch this space!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

FD: 1st May - Judith Leiber

I am currently on the hunt for a suitable clutch bag to match the dress I made for my prom in two weeks, and I have to say I'm struggling. In a moment of wishful thinking, I stumbled upon these Judith Leiber beauties, while browsing on Net A Porter.

One could argue they slightly resemble dodgy ornaments found the cluttering houses of those of a certain age, or garish "tourist tat" found in equally dodgy shops. But somehow, their ostentatiousness is balanced out by the delicacy of the jewels and the colouring. These decadent little bags would add a touch of luxury to any outfit, but sadly, at prices ranging between 3 and 5 grand, I don't think they'll be adding any to mine!

I do however love the bunny version, and can't help thinking they would look just as fabulous sitting in your closet next to your regular leather clutches, as they would dangling elegantly from your wrist alongside a beautiful gown.
Oh well, we can but dream...