Wednesday, 31 August 2011

London Diary 2 - Wednesday 31st August 2011

fear this may be a long one tonight, despite the fact I'm nodding off in front of the screen, as today has been very busy and very exciting and that's not just in college...

Scribbly graphic t-shirt, jeans and my cream leather blazer today, much more practical for the tube - which I have decided I hate. I was also asked for directions today, so those two combined, I've decided I'm an honorary Londoner.

Firstly here's my drawings of yesterday's outfits...  

After discussing what we liked about particular fashion editorials, we started planning our photoshoots. We've chosen the theme 'Primitive', and are planning on producing an editorial entitled 'The Evolution of the Lady'. Following Darwin's illustration of evolution, and giving it a stylish twist, we're going to show womens' style through the 20's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 80's and 90's, as our model evolves.

Only a sneaky peek for tonight, this image was a test for the 90's girl.

I got a bit depressed today when it hit me that the Charing X Road building is really closing in 2 weeks; I love the thought that Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and so many others have walked the same stairs, and sat in the same classrooms as me. Off I went with my camera to get a few snaps of admittedly a wrecked, but equally completely magical building.

We loved this neon pink classroom, tucked away at the end of the first floor corridor.

I know it's only stairs, but there's a lot like this in the building, and I'm a bit obsessed by who will have walked them.

This is an installation in the MA exhibition, it's huge and really imposing, but my picture doesn't really do it justice.

Finally, I loved the contrast of my sparkly pencilcase against the dilapidated building, in black and white, like the others, as we were testing for the photos tomorrow!

 I left college at 5pm but the excitement didn't stop, hot-footing it to Selfridges, to pay a visit to the Louboutin boutique. They only had the style I was after in red, not black, but I tried the red on anyway, you know, just for size!

Shoot tomorrow, so another huge post tomorrow night! Until then...



Tuesday, 30 August 2011

London Diary 2 - Tuesday 30th August

So today was my first day of college - loved it! I wore my trusty jersey maxi, a vintage blouse and my fab little Jackie O jacket. Maxi skirts, I discovered, are not practical for tube travel and/or escalators/stairs, in rush hour!

Back into the Charing Cross Road building, for the 4th to last time, before the move to Kings Cross. I still love the thought that Alexander McQueen walked the same stairs that I did...

After the same icebreaker as last year, (which results in a game of who's going to be the first to put pen to paper, and *gasp*, draw!) our first project was 4 separate styling briefs which we had to interpret, choose clothes, pin to mannequin and then document on cameras and in sketchbooks. (Eek, drawing again!)

The four mini-briefs were:

- Wrap and Drape

- Confusion and Explosion

- Volume and Drama

- Constraint and Control

First to be attacked in my corner was Volume and Drama, can't say I'd wear this creation myself but it fitted the bill!

This one was Wrap and Drape, loved the pleat detail on the back of this, definitely my favourite.

Confusion and Explosion was completely out of my comfort zone, but a bit of definition in the waist and I was happy again!

We're getting started on our main project tomorrow, so I shall let you know my plans tomorrow night! I will also post pics of my drawings of these soon, they didn't come out too well when I did them before...



P.S. Got asked to be a dresser backstage for a show at London Fashion Week in a couple of weeks - aaahhhh!!

Monday, 29 August 2011

London Diary 2 - Monday 29th August 2011

Not the world's most exciting post, nor the most exciting travelling outfit, but I am here! Check my facebook status updates between 6 and 8pm for a full commentary of the journey... I start college tomorrow and am very excited but very tired, so check back then to see what I got up to!



Sunday, 28 August 2011

A BIG catch up!

Finally I return to the blog, after what could be called a long summer break... It wasn't really a break as in between exams, holidays and working in the shop, I've been getting up to lots of exciting things which I would like to share with you.

Firstly, in around March I  became the 'intern' at Liverpool's newest glossy magazine, His & Hers. So if you haven't already seen my grinning face (admittedly an awful picture) on page 2, I suggest you go and pick up a copy from the Liverpool One visitor centre, or from shops and restaurants around  the city; it really is a fab little magazine and you get me writing about the city's 'Winning Women'!

Secondly, I've been working on a project on 'Fashion Imagery' these last few weeks, and many of you helpfully filled in the first survey I did so thank you to you! The good news is there is now second survey to finish it off, but this one is only one question. If you'd like to do it, click here. In order not to ruin my research, I can't tell you much more about it right now, but come next week I can reveal all!

Finally tomorrow I'm heading down to London to pay Central Saint Martins another visit, this time for a 'Fashion Styling' course - did I mention that months ago? Nevertheless, tomorrow night will see the start of the second series of 'London Diaries' after the success of last year's. Keep checking the blog throughout this week to see what I'm wearing, what I'm up to and what amazing clothes I'm getting my hands on! If I've not forgotten how to draw over the summer, I may also post some pictures of my work...

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P.s. Forgive me if nothing on this makes sense, I was keeping track of a spider on the wall while I wrote...