Sunday, 21 October 2012

FD: Saturday 20th October 2012 - Chanel Little Black Jacket Expo @ Saatchi Gallery

I can't believe that I've never been to the Saatchi Gallery before; what an amazing place. My visit today was mainly in the name of Chanel, the Little Black Jacket exhibition to be precise, created by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld - a perfect combination of 'felds.

It was a lesson in the many ways to wear a Black Jacket; a guide to who's who in fashion/music/art/film; a look at Chanel's unfailing appeal... to everyone.

It's free, and surprisingly large, covering the vast majority of the first floor, plus there's a complimentary poster for every visitor. (You choose from three different ones, Georgia May Jagger's pile was significantly smaller than the other two options, as you can see from the picture... someone is clearly miss popular!).

I could go on, but in the interests of a short post, I just suggest you just go see it!

As I walked round I tried to choose a favourite, but I just couldn't, there's so many amazing variations on the theme. Here's all the potentials...



Anna Wintour, from the back.

Love SJP

Lily Donaldson, another poster option

Copies of the book, in a perpex box, signed...

Sums it all up really.

P.s. Incase you're wondering what I wore for such a visit? I went for the chic-but-could-finish-up-more-librarian look, complete with the midi skirt... I'm addicted.
The exhibition runs until 4th November; click here for more info.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Outfit Post: #DesignOvertime

In case we hadn't had enough culture of late, tonight we went on a late trip to the Design Museum to the see the Swarovski sponsored 'Digital Crystal' exhibition. In short, it was a bit odd, but nevertheless, very sparkly (always a winner with me) and well worth a visit if you fancy walking round gawping and going 'oooh' - as I do.

Lace pencil skirt - Phase Eight
Black top - Zara
Boucle Jacket - Next
Necklace - Topshop
Ankle boots - H&M
Bag - Bought in France
P.s. Note the clever picture taken by Alex, through the clear box outside the museum, filled with crystals and sprinkled with raindrops... Arty!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

London Fashion Week SS/13: Post 2 - Street Style

While I was off finding suitable ladies for His & Hers Magazine's Street Smart pages, Matt Fisher went off to find some more stylish LFW goers for Parade. Here's who he found...

Daisy Lowe

Off-duty model cool
Possibly photographed for ten minutes non stop - even in mustard stripes?

Matt's Fave: Will.I.Am lookalike... 

Bit of Austin Powers going on here?

Look out for my Street Smart in the next issue of His and Hers!

Monday, 17 September 2012

London Fashion Week SS/13: Post 1 - Outfit of the day

I made an effort this year! In past seasons, living in Liverpool, I've crammed LFW into a day, and thus worn a practical outfit... now though, times have changed! Taking advantage of  my ten minute journey to Somerset House, I wore heels and something other than an all-black ensemble, hurrah!

Silk dress - Temperley
Boucle jacket - Next
Leather pants - H&M
Ankle boots - Kurt Geiger
Bag - Bought in France
Necklace - Nour London

The dress came as a surprising acquisition on Saturday, when I found a freelance stylist selling off samples and old season pieces from shoots. As it was an 'opportunity', I purchased the above dress and a little black Luella number (that I wore to a show last night and neglected to take a picture of so you can see that another time), which I must say I'm very pleased with... Even the mother agreed they were 'good value'. Mr Stylist promises to keep me updated with other exciting bits I may like, so watch this space.

Also watch out for the second LFW post, featuring myself and Matt Fisher's street style efforts, which will appear when I'm over this major Fashion-Week-fatigue and my feet and ankles have un-swelled back to their normal size...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Day out in Knightsbridge/ Midi Experiment the Second

Today, passing on the student lifestyle which we are supposed to be leading, we played the cosmopolitan Londoners role and headed off for a day in Knightsbridge; Harrods, the V&A and the Louboutin shop to be precise. Alex worked the leather and studs look and looked effortlessly cool; I, meanwhile, looked like SATC's Charlotte in my ladylike ensemble, which happened to serve as a second midi-skirt experiment... It's official, I think I like.


My picture was taken in a quirky bar in North London where we headed tonight for 'Walking the Lines', a viewing of the works of fashion illustrators such as Richard Kilroy and Jason Lear (google them, they're good). Not bad, we thought, for day 3 of the London life, and a good start for the week to come as LFW kicks off on Friday - look out for more on that...

P.S. Also note the clever leopard effect on my photo, all down to clever Alex, and I love it!

Friday, 31 August 2012

Three Fashion Students in Wales

Two of us are heading to London College of Fashion in September, the third is off to do an art foundation. We'd like to think then, that we know our fashion!  We're quite happy dressing for the city, but how do we handle a mini break in a caravan in Wales, complete with rain, mud and the beach? The following photo diary shows you how...

Day 1

Ruth's sparkly sensible shoes
On Monday we went to the zoo, obviously not a fashion parade, but still, I wasn't going to whip the wellies and waterproofs out, especially since it was cracking the flags.That presented it's own problem though, as I'd packed for subzero temperatures... After a minor panic I reluctantly wore the neon pink vest I'd thrown in for slobbing around instead of my oversized jumper and despite protestations from the other two, kept with the leather pants I'd planned. I finished off with my gold and black chunky necklace to make me feel slightly more dressed up, but I still felt like one of Jessie J's backing dancers. Meanwhile, unlike me, (see previous post) Ruth and Francesca both like shorts, so went for the denims. Both were laughing until the sun went in and they finished up with cold legs - cue Ruth's line of the holiday "It'll be fine when that cloud moves". Then there was the penguins who particularly enjoyed soaking and nibbling at Ruth's many tassels, such an impractical top for the zoo, but it did look fab.

Day 2

Fat Cat Cocktails
Fran had trouser issues today. Major trouser issues. The plan for the day was shopping/drinks/dinner/drinks all without going back home, which therefore called for one multipurpose outfit. After my outfit crisis yesterday, this morning it was Fran's turn as she debated between a dress and leather pants. As you can see, she went for the leathers, then spent all day wishing she hadn't. I had little sympathy since I'd survived in mine yesterday, and mine are tighter! Poor Fran though, she finished the day buying a pair of leggings, which she went on to wear back to front and complete with all the sticky labels - those trousers really messed with her head. Ruth once again decided to show off her sparkly sensible shoes today - she's definitely just rubbing it in because I'm still on my sensible shoes mission - and paired them with monochrome patterned jeans and a sheer black blouse. I meanwhile reverted completely to my city girl ways in peplum Dalmatian top, skinny black pants and a blazer. We were shopping and drinking cocktails after all, so I did have an excuse!

Day 3

Today was our last day *sob*, so outfits had to be suitable for the arduous journey home (all 2 hours and 2 trains). Scarred by yesterdays drama, Fran went for comfort in leggings and a jumper and her favourite boots. A good decision, she was much happier today, or maybe that was down to the 'fruity curry' - ask her. I went casual (by my standards) in jeans, with a blouse and blazer and added a necklace I picked up in the sale in Outfit for £2. I did spend all day claiming I looked like the Pat Butcher of the necklace world though; its just very gold and bling. Last night I'd announced while scrolling down Twitter, that Vivienne Westwood is opening her first Welsh store in Cardiff in the near future. Perhaps it was in honour, or perhaps it was just coincidence, but Ruth decided on being a walking advert for Dame Viv today, teaming a snakeskin vest and jeans with Viv shoes, bag and earrings.

So that was that, we survived, how do you think we did!?


The blog's namesake pub!
A very stylish ice cream