Friday, 29 October 2010

29th October 2010 - Paris Diary UNE


As I write this im lying on my very comfy french bed, trying not to fall asleep after what has been a very busy day. This is the first of 3 posts that will be coming live from Paris, as I document all the fashionable elements of my trip for you my lovely readers...

Today I had the unfortunate revelation that I must look like a tourist, since I lost track of the number of times I had random men try to tie things round my wrist (I whacked him with my baguette), sell me Eiffel Towers (I politely declined) and offer to draw me in 3 minutes (I ran)... And it probably didn't help when I saw a French H&M bag and yelped loudly. It was white, with thick handles and silver writing which declared it was from Avenue des Champs-Élysées - Guess where I'm off to tomorrow!

I also located Rue de Fauborg Saint Honore, top of my to-do list and home to Lanvin's flagship store and the offices of French Vogue. I'm off there tomorrow as well, spying Chanel and Dior on the way down earlier on. As well as visiting said shops, tomorrow I'm going to the Louvre and the Museum of Fashion and Textiles which is attached to it. Excited is not the word!

People-wise, as you all know I love spotting fabulous outfits and today I was doing just that. I didn't take any pictures purely because I've not plucked up the courage yet to politely ask in French if I can take their picture for my blog! I may try tomorrow... But anyway, from what I've seen, there is the expected mix of eclectic mismatched French dressing and the head to toe black look that has "fashion snob" written all over it. I say that, but I'm usually in head to toe black and I would not describe myself as a fashion snob... Speaking of which, my outfits for this trip are all very colour co-ordinated as you will see (Strict camel/black colour palette for ease of packing and to leave lots of room in my suitcase for purchases). Today's photo isn't the best as we were too busy today to take the pic, so it was done about 10 minutes ago!

Trousers - Zara
Top - Zara
Coat - H&M
Shoes - Marks and Spencer
Scarf - H&M

On a final note, I'm still looking for a tall, thin lady, chignon in hair, pursed lips, a black pencil skirt, a flash of Louboutin red sole as she walks and a small canine on a long thin lead, coming out of a grand looking building, speaking in fast, elegant french on her telephone.

Stereotypical I know but I'm in Paris for the first time and I won't be satisfied 'til i've seen it...

Oh and I absolutely love it here...

Jusqu'à demain! X

Friday, 15 October 2010

FD - 15th October 2010

Long time no see! Three whole weeks to be precise. I know that is a long time to be away from the blog and I am very very sorry, but I think my absence can be attributed to the fact that half of my A Levels are sketchbook subjects and the fact I've been working in the shop rather a lot.

So anyway, a few exciting things have happened since we last spoke... The first major thing is that I bought some new shoes in the Geiger sale. And wow what shoes they are.

Honestly, they received mixed reviews when they accompanied me to school the other day (they miss me at home alone... joke, I was drawing them!), as certain people dared to say that the platform looked like it had just been randomly stuck on, or that they just weren't "the nicest shoes they'd ever seen".

I think not. I would like to, at this point draw attention to the fact that the shoes are cut just that bit higher, you know like jeans that sit actually on your waist but are still the perfect length, setting them apart from other low cut peep to styles which give you unnecessary toe cleavage (peep toe + excess toe cleavage... no). While said extra piece somewhat resembles a collar, and the little cross over adds an expensive touch.  May I also point out that there is just a hint of a sparkle in the leopard, which you can't see on the picture... Perfect!

Now I bought these shoes partly as a treat, but mainly to wear next Saturday, which is the second exciting thing. I'm going to the much talked about Juice FM Style Awards with my favourite fashion photographer Matt Ford. He's going to be doing a live fashion shoot backstage with all the award winners, and I'll be tweeting all the gossip as I hear it, plus I'll be quizzing all our stylish scousers and finding out where all the fabulous outfits are from. If you're on twitter follow Matt, @mattfordphoto and keep up to date with all that happens on the night!

I will be sure to post a photo of me wearing the amazing shoes!