Monday, 21 December 2009

FD - Monday 21st December 2009- Ice Queen

Today has been perilous and hilarious, both in terms of weather and clothing! First thing this morning I went ice skating in Williamson Square with a group of friends although to be frank, it was harder to stand up on the pavement outside my house than on the actual ice rink. I can't say I relished the challenge of dressing practically for a form of physical activity, but eventually settled on Clothes Show bargain black lace dress, over jeans with a big chunky cardie and of course heeled ankle boots - sorry ice or not, I'm not succumbing to flats. As I "penguin shuffled" off the path and down the road (purely for my own safety of course, just precautionary.) my mother did try to ask me if I had any other shoes I could wear which I sharply huffed at and assured her I would be fine. Well fine I was, when I appeared at the bus stop perfectly fine and in one piece to find my flats wearing counterpart had gone flying down the road - definitely the floor not the shoes!!

Sadly my balance in heels on ice is clearly far better than my balance in ugly ice skates on ice, for I seemed to spend more time sitting on the ice than skating on it. A certain six year old I know who was watching found it absolutely hilarious - she and her mother later made a mockery of me with their professional style skating.

This evening I then decided to go Christmas card delivering - time for some more dangerous ice skating!
I now imagine everyone is thinking i'm mental and is urging me to switch to the flats - Sadly thats not going to happen yet... I will be sure to tell you when it does!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

LiverCharms Charm Bracelets

Today I'm pulling a bit of a publicity stunt... advertising the product of the Young Enterprise company in school that I happen to be MD of - Elephant Enterprises. Our product is under the brand LiverCharms, it's a silver plated charm bracelet with a silver and black laminate Liver Bird charm as you can see in the pictures.

Hopefully, you should be able to buy our product in shops early next year, and our range should expand to include cufflinks and phone charms. Unfortunately for the public, they're exclusively for sale in our school only at the moment, so I'm a bit mean showing them, but please look at it as whetting your appetite!

We'd love to hear your feedback so please let us know what you think by either contacting me (with the details in "About Me") or go direct to the company -

I'll keep you updated on our progress!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

FD - Wednesday 9th December 2009 - Clothes Show Live 2009 Review

As I write this, I am still dying from the effects of getting up before 5am yesterday. But trust me it was worth it - Clothes Show Live 2009 did not disappoint! I changed my outfit last minute, ended up in bleached treggings, black poofy top, fur coat and ankle boots with chain necklace and red stained lips. Admittedly, it is unbelievably hot in there so I did carry my coat for most the day, but I with my peculiar ways believe it looks just as good over arm as on back.

The infamous main fashion show, which I’m certain seems to get filthier every year, featured an even mix of woolly jumpers, scantily clad oily men, sequined dresses and liberal takes on Santa outfits. I have now proven my claim that I’m psychic, announcing that said Santa underwear section would be to the tune of “Santa Baby” a matter of minutes before it was. The “True Blood” section caused a riot amongst hardcore fans, but the couture-esque dresses were far more exciting. All were red or black to fit in with the show, and created out of yards of luxury silk, velvet and satin. Sequins featured particularly frequently, in every colour under the sun on some fabulous party dresses and in silver in the “angel wings and underwear" section!

Shopping was as good as ever, it was actually sequin overload in a couple of shops, and general "eew" in some others, but in the most part there were some some gems to be found if you scoured hard enough. It was quite amusing how desperate vendors were to sell their wares, I managed to bag a £20 dress for £10 – oh my powers of persuasion.

The Black Zone designer section was definitely worth a visit, Jovonna at less than a third of the rrp! I picked up their silk Careen top for just £20 as opposed to £68, and was wooed by some beautiful jewellery. The smaller designer catwalk was stunning, except for the fact that one poor bunch of models couldn’t actually walk in their nice-but-way-too-tight-at-the-knee-skirts!

Famous faces to be spotted included practically the whole cast of Hollyoaks, George Lamb, Louise Roe, Hilary Alexander and Gok Wan.

As I expected, fabulous as usual - now I just can't wait for next year!

FD - Saturday 5th December 2009

I got the shoes. Big sigh of relief! They really are they most beautful shoes on the whole planet; girly yet edgy; fashionable yet classic. I am actually in love with them. I teamed them with a glorified sack of a dress – well satin and occasionally gathered - and above mentioned fur coat for my birthday night out, and bleached leggings and a slouchy top for a trip to the cinema. The stress my ever forgiving best friend has been through to get me these shoes - She deserves a medal.

With the shoe crisis resolved, I’m off to The Clothes Show Live this week, and oh am I excited! With last year’s fashion show having been the best yet, will this years be able to top it? But the celebrity line up is dazzling as usual and one trusts the shopping opportunities will too be as fabulous. I will provide a full report later this week…What am I going to wear you may ask, well, up to now it’s a pretty jade prom style dress with ankle boots toughened up with a leather biker jacket. I’ll pile on the gold rings and I’m good to go, hot to trot and any other rhyming expression ones mind can conjure up!

Finally, can Dannii Minougue do no wrong? I have just tuned into the X Factor now and once again she is sporting the most beatiful dress. While Cheryl is rocking some of the more alternative young designer looks, Dannii never fails to impress in classic, elegant and, as I’ve begun to increasingly notice, Grecian gowns. Her, or her clever stylist’s, colour palette this series has been exciting and luxurious, and the hair lady deserves an accolade for versatillity! What’s it going to be tomorrow night!?

FD - Saturday 21st November 2009 - A Shoe Crisis!

Well, this week I have had a crisis... A shoe crisis to be precise. Let me explain: It was my birthday last week and approximately two months ago I fell in love with a pair of utterly fabulous hot pink platforms and a gorgeous faux fur coat. Thus, I decided that I should ask my friends to buy me them for my birthday. Extracting money from all my friends at the same time is no mean feat, but after a month, we had eventually gathered enough. So, having checked the week before that my beloved shoes were still on the planet, we went to buy them. Yes, you can see whats coming… They were gone - *unimpressed face*

All is in fact all okay though, I’ve only got poor Clare searching every Mango in the country for a pair of size 5’s and begging the respective managers to send them to me. Isn’t this the type of treatment Victoria Beckham receives when a coveted pair of Louboutins aren’t in her size!?

Rest assured I got my coat, and I am rather happy with it. The faux fur coat for me is the must have of the season – since when did “cuddly” become “chic”!? I guess that’s a daft question seeing as said faux fur coat is a classic which has been worn since prehistoric times, but it is definitely the coat everyone should own this season! Dress yours up with an LBD or down with leggings, throw on some fabulous heels with both and you’re good to go! Note, “undone” hair and generous eyeliner recommended!