Thursday, 10 December 2009

FD - Wednesday 9th December 2009 - Clothes Show Live 2009 Review

As I write this, I am still dying from the effects of getting up before 5am yesterday. But trust me it was worth it - Clothes Show Live 2009 did not disappoint! I changed my outfit last minute, ended up in bleached treggings, black poofy top, fur coat and ankle boots with chain necklace and red stained lips. Admittedly, it is unbelievably hot in there so I did carry my coat for most the day, but I with my peculiar ways believe it looks just as good over arm as on back.

The infamous main fashion show, which I’m certain seems to get filthier every year, featured an even mix of woolly jumpers, scantily clad oily men, sequined dresses and liberal takes on Santa outfits. I have now proven my claim that I’m psychic, announcing that said Santa underwear section would be to the tune of “Santa Baby” a matter of minutes before it was. The “True Blood” section caused a riot amongst hardcore fans, but the couture-esque dresses were far more exciting. All were red or black to fit in with the show, and created out of yards of luxury silk, velvet and satin. Sequins featured particularly frequently, in every colour under the sun on some fabulous party dresses and in silver in the “angel wings and underwear" section!

Shopping was as good as ever, it was actually sequin overload in a couple of shops, and general "eew" in some others, but in the most part there were some some gems to be found if you scoured hard enough. It was quite amusing how desperate vendors were to sell their wares, I managed to bag a £20 dress for £10 – oh my powers of persuasion.

The Black Zone designer section was definitely worth a visit, Jovonna at less than a third of the rrp! I picked up their silk Careen top for just £20 as opposed to £68, and was wooed by some beautiful jewellery. The smaller designer catwalk was stunning, except for the fact that one poor bunch of models couldn’t actually walk in their nice-but-way-too-tight-at-the-knee-skirts!

Famous faces to be spotted included practically the whole cast of Hollyoaks, George Lamb, Louise Roe, Hilary Alexander and Gok Wan.

As I expected, fabulous as usual - now I just can't wait for next year!

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