Thursday, 10 December 2009

FD - Saturday 5th December 2009

I got the shoes. Big sigh of relief! They really are they most beautful shoes on the whole planet; girly yet edgy; fashionable yet classic. I am actually in love with them. I teamed them with a glorified sack of a dress – well satin and occasionally gathered - and above mentioned fur coat for my birthday night out, and bleached leggings and a slouchy top for a trip to the cinema. The stress my ever forgiving best friend has been through to get me these shoes - She deserves a medal.

With the shoe crisis resolved, I’m off to The Clothes Show Live this week, and oh am I excited! With last year’s fashion show having been the best yet, will this years be able to top it? But the celebrity line up is dazzling as usual and one trusts the shopping opportunities will too be as fabulous. I will provide a full report later this week…What am I going to wear you may ask, well, up to now it’s a pretty jade prom style dress with ankle boots toughened up with a leather biker jacket. I’ll pile on the gold rings and I’m good to go, hot to trot and any other rhyming expression ones mind can conjure up!

Finally, can Dannii Minougue do no wrong? I have just tuned into the X Factor now and once again she is sporting the most beatiful dress. While Cheryl is rocking some of the more alternative young designer looks, Dannii never fails to impress in classic, elegant and, as I’ve begun to increasingly notice, Grecian gowns. Her, or her clever stylist’s, colour palette this series has been exciting and luxurious, and the hair lady deserves an accolade for versatillity! What’s it going to be tomorrow night!?

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