Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Standout Pieces of S/S 2010

For S/S 2010 London, Paris, Milan and New York played hosts to designers offering up some of the best collections I have seen in a very long while. Here is my severely condensed list of favourite shows, designers and pieces!

Stella McCartney

This dress I am in love with. One of her strongest collections to date the show ranged from spearates in oatmeal, cobalt blue, white and denim to a breathtaking final section of bouncy floral chiffon numbers, complete with oversized frills and knife pleats. Each and every piece is completely wearable and interchangeable, take the beautiful lace body for example, which was shown with simple beige chinos, but could easily be paired with some fabulous formal trousers or a pencil skirt. Exuding effortless cool and sophistication, this collection is perfect for the girl about town... Notting Hill maybe?

Burberry Prorsum

This season, Christopher Bailey for Burberry was a little bit clever. Instead of throwing a new trend into S/S, Bailey simply reworked a pile of his old classics to produce one of the freshest collections seen in London. Pastels were complemented with ivory and oatmeal and raw silk with aged leather. Traditional trenches were shortened and reborn in metallics; puffed sleeves added. I adore the twist knot detail in this outfit, it gives an up to date modern look to a simple classic silhouette.


As a lifelong Lanvin lover, every year I wait for Alber Elbaz to surpass my expectations. And every year he does! S/S 10 once again proved why Lanvin is The Beautiful Powerhouse of the fashion world. Their trademark structured black dresses were contrasted with yards of softly draped fabric in vibrant jewel colours and candy shades. Some pieces were heavily embellished with bugle beads and gems while others were simply cinched at the waist with black or gold belts. The whole collection is breathtaking, beautiful and exiting and exudes ladylike vintage glamour - I want it all.


Hyped to the max, Celine is arguably one of the best if not the best show of the season. Classic cuts were a focal point, as was a simple colour palette of camel, white and black. Material too was a standout on its own, namely cotton and leather. Taking a route never tried before, Phoebe Philo experiemented with cropped t shirts in butter-soft leather layered over simple white blouses. These trousers are exquisite in their shape, they lie so well and walk with fluidity and kept to a monochrome theme, this outfit looks completely wearable and classic yet showstopping in its beautiful simplicity.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Style Update... Utility and Military S/S 2010

When I first caught wind of the new seasons "Utility" and "Military" trends I nearly died of a) Shock; b) Fear and c) Despair. However - I think it may be possible for me, yes faux fur coats, pencil skirts and heels, to embrace such a trend...

Firstly although I'm not the worlds hugest fan of khaki, it has appeared in broad spectrum of palatable different shades this season and mixing it with pinks and charcoal was a wise move on the designers part.But sadly despite a strong, beautifully cut collection I'm still not sure if I could take Chloe, right, because for me utility fabric might just be a step too far. But if it's fabric thats the issue, Burberry Prorsum and Celine have the answer. Utility trend nailed in silk and chiffon. Returning to the label's military roots, Christopher Bailey revived the classic trench in pastels and metalics and created retty draped chiffon mini dresses, roughed up with brown leather belts.

Unfortunately Burberry Prorsum isn't exactly H&M prices...

But fear not! Luxe Utility (as my version is named) can be found on the high street. Keep your eyes peeled for natural colours, khaki, cream and biscuit, button and zip details, loose fitting shapes and luxurious fabric.

Here is my pick of the best pieces -

Dress (left) £125 Whistles

Playsuit (right) £110 Whistles

Coat (left) £75 Topshop

Mac (right) £149 Hobbs

Shoes (below) £65 Topshop

Boots (above) £55 Next

Thursday, 14 January 2010

FD - 14th January 2010 - Hallelujah... Slender Heels! (And a return to the Louboutin archives...)

With my art coursework deadline coming up in a matter of weeks, it's a bit of a mad rush to get everything finished. As I look upon "cubism" with utter disdain, I have returned to safe territory and am now doing a new unit on shoes. Art definitely doesn't seem so bad when you're just drawing Louboutin after Louboutin.

It comes quite well timed with the imminent return to slender heels, leaving behind winter's chunky demon shoes. My favourite shoes will always be courts, as Louboutin always does so well. I nearly lost the plot when my teacher informed me that she had the nude version of the studded Minibouts I was drawing.

Nodding towards this seasons no colour and luxe sequins trends, Louboutin made the perfect pair of shoes... Three whole years ago! Time to get searching for these beauties!

And while we're on the subject of reminiscing, I've re-fallen-in-love with the Anemones. I did actually draw them and will post my own interpretation of them up here soon!

FD - 14th January 2010 - Science? No - Fashion.

Well, today was GCSE English Language results and Parent's Evening at school. I managed to completely break the heart of my chemistry teacher when she suggested I just "wasn't feeling it this year" and I agreed.

"Are you planning to take it for A Level?" she went on.
"Er no - no science at all actually"
"Right what are you planning on doing then?"



The poor woman actually looked genuinely upset that I plan on dropping all things science related to go into a career in a world so commonly percived as being dominated by airheads. Which of course we all know is not entirely true. Some of the best business brains in the world are in the fashion industry, and I work off the theory that if you have to work to earn a living why not do something you love?!

I tried to bring her back on side by promising her I'd send her freebies when I made it so no pressure there then...

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Joggers... Hmm

Well, what do I make of this latest joggers trend? I've read bits about "the return of the jogging bottom" over the past couple of months and I have to admit I am slightly curious. This may come as somewhat of a surprise to those who know me well as I do have a well documented phobia of sportswear and overly casual clothes in general, but I really am strangely interested in the whole joggers and heels combo.

Of course the joggers in question should be tapered, rolled up at the ankle, definitely not marl grey, and should never ever be worn with anything trainer-like, but instead with (almost) anything heeled. We get some lenience with the fabric, anything from flannel (but please be thin) and jersey to sequins and silk. Topshop are stocking some Moto joggers, but they're stonewashed denim! Please no... I'm liking the sound of the silk option for night and the jersey for day, so now the search will begin. I'm sure H&M will be able to help, on the grounds they never usually fail me on catwalk basics.

I am starting to think it all sounds quite audacious and thrilling, the world of such a fashion contradiction, dabbling in something which any self respecting fashionista would, under normal circumstances, duly avoid. But as I keep seeing in town - and eek its annoying me -if people think it is okay to disrespect a faux fur coat by pairing it with ugg boots, it suddenly seems somehow perfectly acceptable to wear jogging bottoms with heels - watch this space!