Thursday, 14 January 2010

FD - 14th January 2010 - Science? No - Fashion.

Well, today was GCSE English Language results and Parent's Evening at school. I managed to completely break the heart of my chemistry teacher when she suggested I just "wasn't feeling it this year" and I agreed.

"Are you planning to take it for A Level?" she went on.
"Er no - no science at all actually"
"Right what are you planning on doing then?"



The poor woman actually looked genuinely upset that I plan on dropping all things science related to go into a career in a world so commonly percived as being dominated by airheads. Which of course we all know is not entirely true. Some of the best business brains in the world are in the fashion industry, and I work off the theory that if you have to work to earn a living why not do something you love?!

I tried to bring her back on side by promising her I'd send her freebies when I made it so no pressure there then...

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