Thursday, 17 March 2011

Does this count?

Do we think that this skirt counts as colour blocking?

If it doesn't, I love it... but if it does, I still love it.
Floral-print silk-twill pencil skirt
Jil Sander

It looks amazing paired with this plain white tee, but could also for the braver among us, look fabulous with a bit more colour.

I know, I'm surprising myself, but I'm actually taking to this colour lark.

The latest additions to my wardrobe include a stripey top, which doesn't really sound that scary, but there's four, yes four, different colours of block stripes; the matching dress, even brighter and bolder; and a softly draped vermilion tee.

All earmarked for New York, you'll see how I style these pieces (and the look of terror on my face) in about two weeks. Take it from me, it'll have to involve a lot of neutrals. But I'm excited, I'm drawn to colour lately, everything second thing I buy seems to have to be a rainbow shade. The first is black or nude, but give me my due, I'm working on it.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Nice shoes...

I'm never normally a huge fan of H&M shoes, much as I love the clothes (more posts on them to come soon!).


I was just having my daily perusal of the online shop, and came across these.

And I must say, I think they are rather fabulous. Clash them with even more print à la Susie Bubble, or, for the tamer among us, pair with simple nude tones.

And, at £29.99, they're a steal!

Love them!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Exclusive Cait Jewellery Interview!

The gorgeous AW/11 lookbook shots for Cait Jewellery are now released and they are most definitely worth taking a look at, as you can see from this one! I did an interview with Kate, the rising queen of costume jewellery, which you can see on Matt Ford's blog, along with the rest of the images. Click here to read the article...