Thursday, 14 January 2010

FD - 14th January 2010 - Hallelujah... Slender Heels! (And a return to the Louboutin archives...)

With my art coursework deadline coming up in a matter of weeks, it's a bit of a mad rush to get everything finished. As I look upon "cubism" with utter disdain, I have returned to safe territory and am now doing a new unit on shoes. Art definitely doesn't seem so bad when you're just drawing Louboutin after Louboutin.

It comes quite well timed with the imminent return to slender heels, leaving behind winter's chunky demon shoes. My favourite shoes will always be courts, as Louboutin always does so well. I nearly lost the plot when my teacher informed me that she had the nude version of the studded Minibouts I was drawing.

Nodding towards this seasons no colour and luxe sequins trends, Louboutin made the perfect pair of shoes... Three whole years ago! Time to get searching for these beauties!

And while we're on the subject of reminiscing, I've re-fallen-in-love with the Anemones. I did actually draw them and will post my own interpretation of them up here soon!

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