Monday, 21 December 2009

FD - Monday 21st December 2009- Ice Queen

Today has been perilous and hilarious, both in terms of weather and clothing! First thing this morning I went ice skating in Williamson Square with a group of friends although to be frank, it was harder to stand up on the pavement outside my house than on the actual ice rink. I can't say I relished the challenge of dressing practically for a form of physical activity, but eventually settled on Clothes Show bargain black lace dress, over jeans with a big chunky cardie and of course heeled ankle boots - sorry ice or not, I'm not succumbing to flats. As I "penguin shuffled" off the path and down the road (purely for my own safety of course, just precautionary.) my mother did try to ask me if I had any other shoes I could wear which I sharply huffed at and assured her I would be fine. Well fine I was, when I appeared at the bus stop perfectly fine and in one piece to find my flats wearing counterpart had gone flying down the road - definitely the floor not the shoes!!

Sadly my balance in heels on ice is clearly far better than my balance in ugly ice skates on ice, for I seemed to spend more time sitting on the ice than skating on it. A certain six year old I know who was watching found it absolutely hilarious - she and her mother later made a mockery of me with their professional style skating.

This evening I then decided to go Christmas card delivering - time for some more dangerous ice skating!
I now imagine everyone is thinking i'm mental and is urging me to switch to the flats - Sadly thats not going to happen yet... I will be sure to tell you when it does!

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