Thursday, 10 December 2009

FD - Saturday 21st November 2009 - A Shoe Crisis!

Well, this week I have had a crisis... A shoe crisis to be precise. Let me explain: It was my birthday last week and approximately two months ago I fell in love with a pair of utterly fabulous hot pink platforms and a gorgeous faux fur coat. Thus, I decided that I should ask my friends to buy me them for my birthday. Extracting money from all my friends at the same time is no mean feat, but after a month, we had eventually gathered enough. So, having checked the week before that my beloved shoes were still on the planet, we went to buy them. Yes, you can see whats coming… They were gone - *unimpressed face*

All is in fact all okay though, I’ve only got poor Clare searching every Mango in the country for a pair of size 5’s and begging the respective managers to send them to me. Isn’t this the type of treatment Victoria Beckham receives when a coveted pair of Louboutins aren’t in her size!?

Rest assured I got my coat, and I am rather happy with it. The faux fur coat for me is the must have of the season – since when did “cuddly” become “chic”!? I guess that’s a daft question seeing as said faux fur coat is a classic which has been worn since prehistoric times, but it is definitely the coat everyone should own this season! Dress yours up with an LBD or down with leggings, throw on some fabulous heels with both and you’re good to go! Note, “undone” hair and generous eyeliner recommended!

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