Sunday, 21 October 2012

FD: Saturday 20th October 2012 - Chanel Little Black Jacket Expo @ Saatchi Gallery

I can't believe that I've never been to the Saatchi Gallery before; what an amazing place. My visit today was mainly in the name of Chanel, the Little Black Jacket exhibition to be precise, created by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld - a perfect combination of 'felds.

It was a lesson in the many ways to wear a Black Jacket; a guide to who's who in fashion/music/art/film; a look at Chanel's unfailing appeal... to everyone.

It's free, and surprisingly large, covering the vast majority of the first floor, plus there's a complimentary poster for every visitor. (You choose from three different ones, Georgia May Jagger's pile was significantly smaller than the other two options, as you can see from the picture... someone is clearly miss popular!).

I could go on, but in the interests of a short post, I just suggest you just go see it!

As I walked round I tried to choose a favourite, but I just couldn't, there's so many amazing variations on the theme. Here's all the potentials...



Anna Wintour, from the back.

Love SJP

Lily Donaldson, another poster option

Copies of the book, in a perpex box, signed...

Sums it all up really.

P.s. Incase you're wondering what I wore for such a visit? I went for the chic-but-could-finish-up-more-librarian look, complete with the midi skirt... I'm addicted.
The exhibition runs until 4th November; click here for more info.

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