Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Let's lay the meat to rest.

I've noticed with all the fuss about Lady Gaga's "meat dress" for the VMA's, no one seems to have noticed quite how good she looks in her first outfit, a dress by her friend, the late Alexander McQueen.

With a typically dramatic gold feathered headdress scraping high above her head, Lady G stepped out in a pair of snakeskin armadillo shoes, (having had plenty of practice walking in them for her Bad Romance vid) and the flowing printed chiffon number, and I think, looked completely fabulous.

While still being suitably outrageous, her look is a chic foray into the world of classy dressing. Now that's probably a boring place to be for such a lady, one who wears lobsters on her head and dresses made out of origami.

But I think she looks amazing, so come on, lets shut up about the meat, (on the grounds it will be in the bin anyway now I hope...) and focus on this, as it may just be Gaga's best look to date.

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