Thursday, 23 September 2010

London Fashion Week

The big black box you always see on pictures
I am slow... very slow! I think to be honest it has taken me this long to come down from the crazy experience that was my visit to LFW on Monday, so apologies for the lateness in this report! It was nothing like I expected, not in  a bad way, but was so unbelievably exciting! Then there was the people, the well dressed people. I was going to so another of my "spotted" things for this, but frankly I couldnt choose who was the best dressed because everyone, and I mean everyone, looked completely fabulous.  I saw girls with rhinstone eyebrows, and glamourous old ladies lost track of the number of people wearing camel.

I meanwhile didn't wear camel, but my new best, but impractical, friend, the poncho, and the ever faithful pussy bow blouse had an outing as you can see from the picture. (Excuse the cheesy grin - I was a tad excited!)

With all there is to see, a lot of it was a blur, but some things really stuck out, and I think I might have a new obsession, Bebaroque tights. I'd heard of them, I'd seen them in shoots, but never in real life... And wow, they are beautiful. The softest, sheerest tights in the most delicate nude, with beads, gems and sequins sewn onto patterned panels. Gorgeous.

The detail on the tights
I also spotted a couple of names that I hadn't seen before, and some fabulous collections for SS/11. These I will  do proper articles on and pop on here in the next week I promise.

I'm now on  a mission to get to be a "somebody" so I can go next year!

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