Thursday, 2 September 2010

FD - 9th September 2010 - Glamping

Okay, the new way to do camping is "Glam-ping", so I've heard. Glamourous... and... Camping. Probably not two words you'd expect to be merged together, but hey ho, sounds perfect for me! I am in fact going camping at the weekend, and I'm hoping to be able to say I'm glamming it - I'm definitely not roughing it. Of course with camping comes the issue of a capsule wardrobe suitable for life outdoors, literally in a cold, muddy field. But, looking at the A/W catwalks this year, it seems the designers are doing us a favour, and helping us out with said capsule wardrobe, or at least giving me some inspiration, sadly I can't afford any Burberry shearling.

Thus, I set about looking for my "Glamping" wardrobe on the high street. First obstacle to overcome was footwear. The mother says walking boots, I say heels. Compromised and settled on patent black wellies to accompany black chunky heeled walking style boots with shearling trim. I fell in love with one pair (left - Next £65), and tried them on. Sadly no amount of persuasion was going to make said boots comfortable, so the search went on. Ended up with a pair half the price, but they were just a bit too shiny and looked too new. Problem solved after spending half an hour with a nail file, buffing them down a bit. Call me mad if you like but they look so much better for it.

Clothes wise, apparently it will be cold (though the weather forecast is sunny...) so I have to wrap up. Layers! Functional skinny jeans, pretty tops and dresses, a huge chunky woolie cardie and the old faithful trench coat are all on my packing list. Outfits are planned to work with both the wellies or the boots and everyone's happy. Note to self.. pack dress in case its super hot...

So this post will lead into another, the summary of the camping diaries, complete with pictures of my outfits...Then, we can decide whether I successfully pulled off "Glamping"!

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