Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Vogue Italia Loves Liverpool

It's been an exciting time for the Liverpool fash pack, but was oddly kept fairly under wraps last week. Over the last few days though, local press have been going mad over our recent visit from Italian Vogue journalists and, more importantly, their new found love for our very own city.

I met Fashion Editor Stefania Cubello last Monday, and lovely as she was then, I don't think anyone expected them to love the idea of girls in rollers quite so much. The group also met with designer Kirsty Doyle, handbag experts Nook&Willow and Cricket owner, Justine Mills, and by the sounds of it, they couldn't have been more suprised and impressed by what they found here.

We all know that as a city, our fashion confidence is as sky high as our heels, and it was that very thing that they loved the most. Stefania said, “A lot of young women in Milan tend to dress the same, and I think that is true of London as well, but in Liverpool I saw a lot of girls and women who really had their own very unique style.”

The city still abuzz about getting the seal of approval from Vogue Italia, BBC Radio Merseyside's Sean Styles decided on a fashion-themed show this morning, on which Justine Mills and I were interviewed about Liverpool style, 'The Visit' and proving that there's more to us than fake tan and rollers!

If you missed the show, you can catch it again on BBC iPlayer, here.

Justine is on at 27 minutes, me at 32, and may I forewarn you of a unusually strong scouse accent I appear to have adopted. I was obviously just being loyal to my city...

Only time will tell if the stylish Milanese decide to adopt the roller-girl style, but for now, such compliments are just a great accolade for the city and get us one step closer towards appearing on the map as a Fashion Capital.

P.S. Speaking of fashion capitals, exactly three weeks today I'll be in Milan, the fourth tick on my mission to visit all the fashion capitals - aaaaaaah! Obviously there'll be more to come on that one...


  1. Fantastic! I heard you on Sean's show, great stuff :-)
    Do you know when this issue of Italian Vogue will be available?

  2. Hi there!
    Thank you very much, no, I don't as of yet, but as soon as I do it will be posted on here! X