Monday, 8 March 2010

Lady Gaga

Considering I went to see Ms Gaga well over 2 weeks ago I'm really quite late with this post but honestly, I think it's taken me this long to calm down and take it all in!

Firstly my outfit and the picture as promised... and yes I was freezing!

While it may look like I'm lacking some clothing , as expected, Gaga had less on than me, in fact she spent the majority of the show in just her underwear. Aside from that she did parade some spectacular outfits. One which particularly stood out was the one that bore some resemblance to Dougal from the magic roundabout or could alternatively be described as just a mop! She also worked a sparkly teal version of her favourite Thierry Mugler Origami dress and numerous high leg leotards which would give Borat a run for his money, let alone Baywatch.

Oh and the mechanical white dress she wore on Jonathan Ross, she wore that, on a little circular stage, high in the sky!

In all honesty I can't remember what her opening outfit was because I was too busy wailing, saying that, I can't remember much past the 46 second mark of the countdown.

Musically, even if you weren't a hardore fan like some people, she certainly put on a show, and yes, she was note perfect. Performing all of her well known hits plus songs off the album and a couple of new ones, everyone sung along - or was that just me?

The whole thing was a work of art, the set, the lights, the costumes and of course the music, and one which I cannot wait to see again... Roll on June!

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