Tuesday, 15 February 2011

FD - 15th February 2011

I'm back! I've not entirely given up on the blog, in fact I've not given up on it at all... I've merely been too busy with my sketchbooks! So sorry that this post is a bit random, just a lot of little bits of information to share with you!

The silence of late doesn't mean there's nothing exciting going on though... Coming up I've got definitely one, maybe two or possibly even three exclusive interviews with some fabulous new designers and some gorgeous new snaps from Matt Ford. Look out for them within the next couple of weeks.

In the summer I will be paying another visit to Central Saint Martins, this time for a Fashion Styling course. I couldn't be more excited, so I'm sure you'll hear more about it before I go! Plus, after the success of last year's series of "London Diary" posts, there will be a new lot this year. In the meantime if you need to catch up on last year's events, click here for the first installment!
So when I've not been in school or had my head buried in a sketchbook, I've been in the shop and it's funny the more time you spend around the same clothes, obviously you get more familiar, but you start to really love some of them. There's a dress that's just come out in the new Spring Summer collection, which is featured in this month's SHE magazine. We don't have it in store yet (or at least we didn't as of Sunday.. who knows if we'll have it by Saturday!) but you can get it on the website. There's a gorgeous vintagey feel to it and with crochet set to be huge this summer, this dress will look fab with sandals and could see you right the way through to winter when you whip out the woolly tights once more.

Hexagonal Crochet Dress £89.00 

There's also the latest addition to my wardrobe, and my current uniform, the Marlene dress. It is actually a lot more purple in real life, and brighter at that, but I love it. Animal print is set to be another big hit for summer and in my eyes this is meant to be snakeskin... It's working well with my black opaques at the moment but will look even better when it warms up with bare legs and nude shoes. I said this is the dress I can see myself wearing when I'm the boss of my big fashion company... And I jokingly suggested I'll buy a second one and save it until then, but the more I think about it, the better an idea I'm actually starting to think it is! Watch this space...
Finally, (and I promise it is, my itty bitty posts always end up the longest) a few people have been asking me lately how to get to parade if they don't know the web address. So here's a few admin-y things!

If your not friends with me on Facebook but you are a reader of Parade and you would like to be the first to know when I post anything new, you can follow me on twitter @HanParade.

Also, you can like Parade's Facebook Page simply by clicking on the like button to the right. Links to all new posts will be popped on there and will appear in your news feed.

Alternatively, you can send me an email to hannah-ramsay@hotmail.co.uk and I'll add you to the mailing list, which will send every new post straight to your inbox! 

Well that's it for today, I'm off to go and prepare myself for the excitement of the Brits red carpet outfits! Back soon with those interviews!

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