Sunday, 4 July 2010

London Diary - Saturday 3rd July

As promised, I am going to keep a diary of my trip to London this summer, complete with pictures of each day's outfits!

There's not really much to write today though since I only arrived at lunchtime, having taken far more luggage on the train than I'm sure is allowed! (See photo for confirmation!) I now have an Oyster card, and I have to say I feel almost like a proper London citizen... Well except for the fact I don't have a clue how to work the tube. Watch this space! Saying that, my scouse accent is getting stronger by the day - I'm sure it's to rebel against cockney!

Fashion-wise London seems to be working the nautical look today, I saw, from my comfy chair in Pret-A-Manger stripes in pink, yellow, green, and the traditional blue and white. For the men they're paired with rolled up chinos or shorts and classic deck shoes, for the women, tiny denim shorts or jersey maxi skirts.

This afternoon proved that my poor grandparents officially have the patience (and energy) of saints, as I managed to drag them round every shop on Regent Street, Oxford Street, and into most of the posh shops of Bond Street. As a result, I was tested to the max justifying why people spend £200+ on trousers: amazing cut, beautiful fabric, you know the reasons! I think I persuaded at least Grandma, who thoroughly enjoyed the foray into Stella McCartney and the world of luxury tailoring.(The staff are lovely by the way...) Plus, she gushed at the interiors in Matthew Williamson - Result! I also got to see Vogue house, I could actually see rails of clothes in the windows!

But now, having seen the clock at 4:25 this morning, it is time for bed! Tomorrow I am meeting my friend Amy and heading to the New Designers show... ooo exciting!

Night! x

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