Wednesday, 7 July 2010

London Diary - Wednesday 7th July

I am actually shattered today.. must be what three full days work does to you having lazed around since May! Another outfit dilemma today, almost had to wear another khaki outfit since it was neither warm, nor sunny when I got up - eek! Decided to be stubborn and keep to the pretty dress I had planned on, I did add a blazer so I didn't freeze to death!
We had a full timetable of drawing today: drawing with our left hands, with our eyes shut, in 30 seconds, angrily, sadly and happily... Not all at the same time thankfully but it did feel like it for a few of them! While the results sort of leave something to be desired, the tasks made us all focus, loosen up and look for detail on the model (which yes was a poor human being - the girl stood on a table all day!). Apparently it doesn't matter if the legs are two completely different sizes or if the arms look like those of an like Olympic swimmer, its your interpretation and understanding of what your drawing that counts - Phew! But please note, the image to the left, I did actually do with my left hand! It is a reassuring excuse for some of mine, but honestly I'm still on the quest to draw the perfect set of limbs! And just for the pointless daily update... the brush pens came into their own again today transforming mundane dresses into sheer beauties! I also found out they blend with eachother and with fineliners - what fun I'm going to have later!

I love how this post is significantly earlier tonight, I'm not falling asleep as I'm typing!

More work on our projects tomorrow, then we start designing our final collections - ahh!!

Night! x

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