Thursday, 8 July 2010

London Diary - Thursday 8th July

We were all funny today... waiting for a minute past twelve to scoff lunch, magazine massacres, random solos and a disco rave in room 2. Despite this we did actually, or at least I did, get a lot of work done! Huge sigh of relief breathed when both tutors understood my concept and even huger (is that even a word!?) one when the second said she thought it was very sophisticated - phew!!

The outift, b.t.w. was very fitting when I left the house this morning since it was dull and cold... I didn't know it was going to go sunny later! Never mind, at least I avoided that dreaded "khaki two days on the run" situation I've been harping on about! I have my favourite dress for tomorrow which should take me nicely from college to dinner with the mother when she arrives tomorrow night!

Breaking news - I drew a successful set of legs today! And trust me, the WHOLE college heard about it! I went on to draw another lot when I got home tonight, so I am rather pleased. The problem is, arms and shoulders seem to be the new major issue! More breaking news, quite literally: I broke a nail. On the tube I believe. Unimpressed. I now have one skanky "island in the middle of the nail bed" finger. Yum.

I decided to make another paper dress today, on the mannequin this time which was much easier. It was then suggested that I drape fabric onto it to really represent my concept, and what an idea that was!

I also created my mood board, the final step before designing our clothes, a picture of which I will post tomorrow or in my little summative article!

Right lots to do before college tomorrow... printing off pictures and making fabric mood boards, so this is all your getting off me tonight! At least I sound awake though! And excited, surprising seeing as this is coming to an end! All is good though, our little group are planning our next course down here - London Diary Take 2!

Night! x

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