Saturday, 10 July 2010

London Diary - Friday 9th July/ Saturday 10th July

I didn't do my blog last night... my bad! But it was 1 in the morning when I got back and I didn't think anyone would bother to read it anyway! Yesterdays outfit was my favourite dress as pictured, today's I forgot to get photographed, but it's a little black frilly dress and my long gold beads and sandals incase you were interested!

So as I write tonight, I am sat in my comfy seat on the train (but it is cold...) on my way back to scouseland *weeps*.
Don't get me wrong, I love Liverpool, but London this week has been amazing and I found I fitted into the role of honourary Londoner quite well... I even got asked for directions, and that made my week. The mother observed today that there's no conformity here, everyone dresses how they like, and a lot of the time look really good on it. Then there's all the characters you see as your going round doing a bit of people-watching, when you wonder what on earth the person pushing past you down the road is hurrying for and what precisely went through the minds of people as they got dressed (I do mean that in a good way b.t.w.) As a cultural melting pot, London is an inspiring place, lots of creativity and ideas. But then it does seem lonely, no one speaks on the tube, the bus or in town, everyone just seems to be too stressed to converse. And I'm still none the wiser as to why everyone seems to think that honking their car horns is going to make the traffic go faster. Saying that, I have managed to cause a bit of a stir on the tube this week opening my big gob and having numerous po-faced business people quietly giggling to themselves as the scouse novelty that is me sqwarks to whoever I'm with. I didn't really fit in the area I stayed in either to be honest, the town where everyone wears "sensible clothes": jeans, trainers and quite a lot of the time, tracksuits. And then there's me, tottering down the road in my dress and heels - Sound familiar? In a nutshell, I love London, in a different way to how I love Liverpool!

So anyway yesterday, final day of college, I couldn't count the number of times I said "I don't want to go home". The girls had full permission to hit me when I did! We had most the day to finish our projects, which in my case was do a ton more sketches and draw up my final 4 designs. I think I nearly cried when I finished you know, I didnt think I was actually capable of doing so much work, that is if i say so myself, far better than my usual. I honestly think I have learnt so much in a week, not least how to draw legs! I will take some nice photos of my mood board, final designs etc and post them on here tomorrow - it's a bit difficult to do on the train! Later on we had to all meet and critique our work, and have a good nose at what the rest of the class had produced! We also had a talk about foundation courses and continuing our Fashion Studies! Way too exciting! After a rather emotional farewell, we left the doors of Central Saint Martins, and off I went to shop away my sorrows! It's funny, during the week, I didn't feel an overwhelming need to shop seeing as I was channelling all my fashion know how into something worthwhile... I have to go back! In our little group we decided in many years time the four of them will be famous fashion designers featured in Vogue, with "By Hannah Ramsay" written under them!
Today, I did feel a need to shop, a big need in fact! So showing off my tube know how and newly gained London knowledge to the Mother and the Mother's friend, I went on a white blouse rampage... sixth form you see! Finished up with sore feet (It's wearing sandals, never a complaint when I'm in my heels.) in Nandos and now still on the train!

Look out for my pics of all my work tomorrow... no doubt I'll be harping on about this week for a very long time to come! Hope you've enjoyed reading this diary, you've certainly got my average page views up... Over 350 just this week!

The final installation in the London Diary will of course be from Liverpool tomorrow (actually as I write this bit now I'm in Crewe), so until then,

Night! x

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  1. Ah I'm glad I waited until most of your diary entries were up to read them. All i can say is I'm massively jealous i wanna go and do that course it sounds amazing.