Sunday, 11 July 2010

London Diary (The final one... from Liverpool!) - Sunday 11th July

As promised, there is a final installment in the London Diary series, from my sofa in Liverpool! There is no picture of the outift again today because everything is in the wash, and I'm tired and frankly I look a mess!

Our theme was "Re-Make/Re-Model" (have I already told you that??) and was to be inspired by Maison Martin Margiela. Because I'm so addicted, and because it was actually part of my research - honest - I did a Polyvore of Maison Martin Margiela which you can see below.

Maison Martin Margiela

Research done, and a sketchbook filled with the stuff, which you'll have to just ask me to see because I can't be faffed uploading pictures of every page, we had to finalise a concept and do a mood board.

Then we could start designing. My concept is stripping fashion back to the bare bones of clothing in colour (muted) and fabric (natural), so that the clothes end up as a base to wear how you will. As it is supposed to reflect our own style too, I placed emphasis on the contrast between volume and structure... You may notice therefore, that I would happily wear each of my pieces!

These two pics are some sketches I did on Friday while developing my design ideas for my final collection.

And these are the final four designs that make up my collection!

I don't think I can possibly string these diaries out any longer so this is it until my next trip to CSM!

Night! x

Oh P.S. I'm actually loving my certificate of attendance!!
And P.P.S. Please laugh along with me at this pic of my luggage taking up the whole luggage store on the train to make me feel better about it!
And P.P.P.S Please excuse the dodgy photos, it's all better in real life trust me.

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