Tuesday, 6 July 2010

London Diary - Tuesday 6th July

I think today was even better yesterday, and I could have done that a million times over! Had a slight outfit dilemma this morning when I realised I would have to shift my order around a bit so I didn't end up with khaki two days on the run... Had to wear one outfit today as a result!

There's not really any more tube updates, I did it faultlessly today! Arrived at college and we went straight off to Somerset house to see the Maison Martin Margiela 20 exhibition. What an exhibition it was, an hour and a half went very very quickly as we were all particularly absorbed and inspired!

After lunch at Covent Garden and a quick mooch round Rokit Vintage, (very exciting for a scouser with no Rokit in Liverpool!) we couldn't wait to get back to college to start putting our research on paper and exploring some ideas around our brief. We are looking to "Re-make/Re-model", or, deconstruct clothes. I ahve lots of exciting ideas but you'll have to wait a couple of days to see them! Along with Katie, I made an even more creative mess than yesterday, though some thought yesterdays was worse! You can judge for yourself! We are all in love with my pastel brush pens, as it turns out that they can make any mediocre fineliner sketch look utterly professional! Love it!

All day tomorrow we are doing fashion illustration with a model.. exciting! Hopefully I will actually learn how to draw people for my clothes to go on!

After promising my tutor, Jane, a paper dress for tomorrow, I'd better get to work!

Night! x

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