Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Blog: The First

There was that pap pic last night, of a mystery woman covered by a huge furry hat, entering the Goring Hotel, with the giveaway cropped jeans and silver belt. 

Then came my scream of excitement as a that certain woman with blonde shoulder length hair fitted the train into the car.

And after all those months of speculation, it is now official, Kate Middleton, or as she is now known, The Duchess of Cambridge, chose Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, as the designer of her wedding gown.

She chose lace detailing, long sleeves and a modest train. But it's the details that really make it shine; the panelled structure, the folds of fabric on the back of skirt and the line of delicate buttons.

And it's this occasion today that will ensure that the genius that is Sarah Burton, goes down in fashion history, just as she rightfully should do.

Then finally the famous dress was revealed.

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