Sunday, 4 September 2011

London Diary 2 - Friday 2nd September

Obviously it's not the 2nd September as I write this, as actually the 4th, but let's just pretend it is, for the sake of keeping my diaries in a nice, chronological order.

Today was the last day of college, and my last day ever in that building.  Most upset I was when I left.  So upset I was, that I lost last night's finely honed taxi hailing abilities as I stood meekly by the side of the road, trying not to winge over a derelict uni building... odd I know. A foreign gentleman, who's nationality I'm still none the wiser over, strode into the middle of the road and stopped the first cab, packed me in and shut the door - very sweet of him. Sadly straight to Euston but into Accessorize to cheer me up... A few phonecalls in the sun before Nandos for tea and the nervous wait for the platform announcement. I say nervous, has anyone else getting a train from London to Liverpool ever noticed the speed at which everyone runs when the platform number goes up on the screen?! No one else except scousers seem to move so fast, hilarious, but at the time, rather stressful indeed.

Outfit as above... Liverpool, pretend you haven't seen it before, London haven't!

Anyway, during the day we had a look at our pictures, and decided with fresh eyes, to change half of them!

So here are the new set entitled 'The Evolution of the Lady'...

We spent our last afternoon working on the layout of the story for if it were to go in a magazine and looking at everyones' work, the plans of which I may put up sometime. Then after a final critique, CSM 2011 was over. 

At this point now it's possible this can go from a serious fashion blog, to a huge CSM related cheeseball. I will try not to, but all l'll say is I now want to go there even more, if that's even possible.

Who knows if there'll be a 'London Diary 3', with any luck it'll be a CSM Fresher's Week Diary next summer...

But in the meantime, look out for my Behind the Scenes at LFW blog - I go on the 17th and will be working on Ashish!

Until then,


P.S. I have now put my outfit pic on Thursday's blog - If you have missed any this week, click on the links below to read them!


P.P.S. Look at this gorgeous installation from the MA Exhibition, love, love, love.

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