Tuesday, 21 February 2012

12 Milanese Observations

With the fourth City, Milan, having been ticked off on my list of 'Fashion Capitals To Visit', here are 12 things that I noticed and loved about the place...

1. We have 'ECHO' on our newsagents, they have 'Vogue' - enough said.

2. There is a Prada or a Louis Vuitton on every corner, which results in every second person carrying a very expensive and very beautiful handbag.

3. Vogue recommended visiting this concept store in its March issue, so we did. It was fab; a bit like a spaceship, a lot like Colette, on acid.

4. More Excelsior, this time the amazing displays, that you zoomed past on the travelators...

5. They also had hanging animals, fake ones of course.

6. They have about as many designer hotels as designer shops. This one is Hotel Armani... 

7. And this one Maison Moschino.

8. The Italians, much like the French, take their dogs everywhere and they always have a designer outfit on (that's both dog and owner).

9. Centrale Stazione is beautiful, and it has huge Dolce and Gabanna adverts everywhere, how marvellous.

10.  Our street adverts our about bleeding gums, theirs are Armani - again, enough said.

11. If you can look away from the shops long enough, you will notice the architecture is beautiful. It's not quite as ornate as Paris, so has the practicality of London, yet seems huge, like New York...

12. Finally, even the fire extinguishers are stylish (and the McDonalds', they are very posh indeed!).

P.s. I'm posting this on the train to LFW, look out for more on that soon...

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