Saturday, 24 March 2012

FD - Saturday 24th March - London Bound

Firstly, apologies for being away from the blog so much, it's not deliberate, I've just been a very busy bee! Here's why...

If you're friends with me on Facebook, you will know I'm regularly 'London-bound'. My last post about Milan was written on a train to London and the manic fortnight that started with LFW meant 5 separate trips to the capital. 

I have found train journeys to be very productive times however and have written lots of things for the fab His & Hers mag over the past month, on a Virgin Pendelino of course, which can all be found in the current spring fashion issue. You can pick a copy up from the L1 visitor centre if you haven't already, or you could take a look at the online version, found on the website, here, before the new issue comes out in April.

I've also managed to get a Uni place in this time, Fashion Management at London College of Fashion, so with any luck, as of September, I will be relocating down south... excited isn't the word! I'm not going alone though, one of my friends is also joining me on the move and apparently we are the first people to get into LCF from our school, ever. Get. us. To celebrate we will be visiting Mahiki, as we said we would if we got in. Now what does one wear for that? You can be sure of a post about that nearer the time...

Aside from Mahiki, I never knew it was possible to get quite so excited about kettles, toasters, towel bales and bedsets. But trust me it is. If I'm online shopping now, I seem to find that my basket isn't just full of shoes, but scouring brushes and shoes, or soap dispensers and shoes. I have already set my colour schemes for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom , so soon I'm scared I'll find myself dressing to co-ordinate. Who's to say an artfully draped shower curtain couldn't pass as a couture dress?

I'll let you know how that one goes...

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