Monday, 16 July 2012

New on Shourouk

I'm supposed to be looking for 'sensible', 'practical' and 'flat' shoes at the minute, to wear for popping around London in September. I'm not enjoying this process, as I don't enjoy shoes that fit into any of those categories - you know how it is! As my search is going on, I'm beginning to see that the only way round this shoe dilemma is to go leopard, or gold, or better still, sparkly.

But I seem to be getting distracted by other, far more exciting sparkly things... Things that go by the name of Shourouk, and are the latest arrivals to

Since starting up her own label, Shourouk Rhaiem's designs have become must haves for the likes of Anna Dello Russo and Lady Gaga for their slightly OTT fabulousness and having worked for Galliano and Cavalli, their influences are clear to see. The jewels are dramatic, ornate and very sparkly, but that said, combined with the rope of casual friendship bracelets and chunky metal chains, they seem effortlessly cool and easy to wear.

Shourouk Baraka Atila Green Bracelet £140

Though striking alone, the bracelets have that much more impact when worn stacked up like ADR herself, go wild and mix and match colours and styles.

However as a dedicated big necklace lover, its inevitable I'm going to love Shourouk's other offerings too in the form of amazing statement necklaces. I imagine if you wore one of these in a palace, you'd fight with the chandeliers for attention, and probably win.

Shourouk Apolinia Necklace £525
Shourouk Venus Necklace £365

Surely nothing can be beat these in the sparkle stakes, not even my sparkly-practical-shoes-to-be.

All items available from

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