Thursday, 6 January 2011

Oh no... It's Colour blocking.

I knew it was coming, way back in September when I went to LFW. I saw it everywhere, it covered the catwalks, everyone was talking about it, anticipating the return. I meanwhile chose to bury my head in the sand - or should it be the camel? I didn't write about it, though everyone else did. And now I think I have hit the point where I have to at least acknowledge it, for fear of either being seen to be completely ignorant towards this seasons trends or just grossly unprepared...

So here it is, I face my fears and accept that: Colour. Blocking. Is. Back. In. Vogue.

I just don't like it, I never have. I groaned in despair when I saw "The September Issue" for the first time and found they had a colour blocking shoot featured. I wince in pain at bright colours in shops and retreat in horror when I see the pages of Elle splashed with clashing neons, which should only be seen inside highlighters. Those who know me, know I wear black most often. The Mother asked me the other day why this is, and I replied that I didn't know.

But when February Elle dropped through my letter box yesterday, it dawned on me why not. I must be terrified of colour. Well that is an exaggeration, I'm not scared of all colour, I love neutrals, I really loved last seasons camel; and I love jewel tones, warm, luxurious colours. I think my problem lies with brights, I can't get my head around how children's toybox colours translate into stylish, wearable clothes.

Time to turn to the catwalk.

Jil Sander, the most hyped Milan show of the season. This outfit together looks beautiful, it works, it looks expensive, it looks high end.

Phoebe Philo gets it right again at Celine. It's refreshing to see a white base to neutralise the acid brights.

At Christopher Kane, it's like grannies lace curtains having a fight with the box of Stabilo Boss. It's so wrong, its right.

Reassured by the designer offerings, I'll attempt it, albeit slightly tamer, quite complimenting and just generally more me. Is this how you do it?

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  1. lewis wooding-smith9 January 2011 at 21:41

    diddy rules fashion, diddy rules all