Sunday, 2 January 2011

FD - 2nd January 2011 - Gotta love the leopard

My apologies for being a day late but Happy New Year to you all! Somehow I feel I have to fill my first post of 2011 with something super exciting or some breaking news... but I'm sorry you're getting my New Year dress 'cos I love it!

I know I'm getting boring but the dress is from (drumroll please!) Zara. It wasn't actually a deliberate decision, it just happened to be the nicest leopard print dress I saw, and we all know how stubborn I am - I wanted a leopard print dress and that's what I was getting! My stubborn nature forced me to be in town far too early on Thursday morning when honestly I was feeling a pretty ropey and I had no voice. I croaked down the phone to get it on hold then croaked a bit more in the shop, the Zara staff probably thought I was weird, but it was most definitely worth it.

It's such an easy shape to wear and will look great with bare legs when I have a tan. For now, while I'm in pasty territory, Marks and Sparks' 60 dernier will serve me well! Besides which leopard print won't date as such, when it goes quiet, into the wardrobe it will go, and back out again it will come within a few seasons. It's a dress im sure I will be wearing for many years to come. Whats more, I found, while  trying the dress on, (over my clothes because  I was too cold/lazy to take them off) that it actually looks fab dressed down with my over the knee boots and leggings, so I'm quite looking forward to trying that one out when I have a slightly-more-formal-than-casual occasion to attend. Rest assured you'll hear about it when I do!

But back to Friday night/Saturday morning... As you can't see in this distinctly spontaneous picture I am wearing my fabulous shoes, the black patent ones with the leopard platform that I blogged about. If you didn't see the post, (or you did but by some unfortunate fluke their beauty has accidentally slipped your mind!), click here to read it. 

I kept it simple accessories wise, just my sparkly (and very very heavy) 80's deco earrings. I was going to wear a bracelet but I was most concerned it may interfere with the cocktail shaker... seriously! Not wanting to look too "done", and bored of messy "down" hair, a messy up-do completed the look. I only needed a metal detector yesterday to find all the 30 kirby grips, having deemed it more sensible to sleep with them in than take them out before I went to bed...

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