Thursday, 4 November 2010

Kirsty Doyle's new shop!

I've just got back from the opening party of Kirsty Doyle's gorgeous new shop, with cocktails by Santa Chupitos, marshmallows and toffee apples - yum!

I forgot to take my camera which was really clever, so until I manage to track some pictures down, I'll try my hardest to get across how lovely the shop was...

It's bigger than the last one, yet felt smaller in a good way, less like we were rattling around in a spacious box (albeit a beautiful one!). The windows are huge and perfectly frame the parade of mannequins. Luxury taupe flocked curtains and an antique counter look fabulous against the clean white walls and floor, and Kirsty's beautiful clothes hang off industrial silver rails, providing a perfect contrast. I loved the dress she wore tonight, a pale mint green voluminous number, with a leather mini underneath and towering stacked heels. But I also love the fuschia pink draped maxi skirt I spied...

I can't wait to go and visit it again soon when it's fully up and running!

You can visit Kirsty's website here, or visit the shop at 18 Manesty's Lane, Liverpool One. 

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